Monday, January 23, 2012

Dogs Have Bad Hair Days Too!

Is your dog having a bad hair day?  Could he or she use a bath like, yesterday?  Is the Pet Groomer costing you too much money? Here are some easy, natural, Eco friendly tips on grooming your dog that will save you money!

Some dogs just love a good bath, but some dogs, like my Conner, HATES them!  Funny, because Conner is a Lab mix who should love the water, but he wants nothing to do with any of it - hates the rain, runs from the hose and no way are you coaxing him into a tub!
So what's a girl to do when she wants to cuddle with her furry baby, but he's just too stinky and is on strike when it comes to grooming?  As my 6 year old likes to say...Easy, Peasy, Lemon, Squeezy!  Dry Dog Shampoo!

Dry dog shampoos are powdered products that are designed to be rubbed into your dogs coat and will absorb grease, dirt and odors from their fur.  Here are just some of the benefits:

  • They are easy to work with, simply apply and rub into your dogs coat, wait a few minutes and brush out.  
  • They are a great alternative for the anxious or temperamental dog who does not like the traditional bath.  
  • If your dog suffers from allergies or has had an allergic reaction to traditional shampoos, you may find that a dry shampoo eases or eliminates those symptoms.  
  • They are great for the dog owner who has limited space or time. 
  • It's a great way to keep Fido fresh between visits to the groomer.
  • They are cheap!  In fact you can even make your own dry dog shampoo at home.  Here's how:
Homemade Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe and Instructions
  1. Take your dog outside or to an area of the home that can be cleaned up easily (kitchen, basement, etc..).  In order to make clean up easier, I suggest putting down news papers or an old blanket and have your dog stand over them.
  2. Brush your dog to remove any loose fur and dirt.
  3. Mix one cup of cornstarch and a quarter cup of baking soda in a container with a lid.  Shake to mix together.
  4. Sprinkle the mixture on your dog's fur.  Massage it into their fur (they love this part).  Let sit for a couple of minutes.  The mixture will absorb odor, oil and dirt.
  5. Brush your pet until none of the mixture remains.
Voila - your for legged baby is smelling better and and ready for cuddle time!  Plus, their coat will look healthy and shiny from all that brushing!

Bonus Tip!  Add 1/2 cup of ground lavender to the mixture to give your dog a nice, soft scent PLUS lavender acts as a natural flea repellent!

Don't want to make your own or clean up the mess?  No problem!  There are "waterless" dog shampoo choices as well and offers these great waterless shampoo products.

So, how about ways to save money on the dog who loooovvvvveeeesss baths and pampering?

If your dog normally goes to the groomer to get all freshened up, try using dry dog shampoo or waterless sprays to extend time in between visits.  Or if you're a do it yourselfer - try making your own dog shampoo that is inexpensive, Eco-friendly and natural.  Here are some pawsitively great recipes.

Homemade Dog Shampoo

1 cup all natural dish soap
1 cup organic apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup glycerin (can be found at craft supply stores, some pharmacies or on-line)
1 quart water

  • Mix all ingredients together in a container with lid (such as empty plastic bottle, mason jar).  The glycerin naturally moisturizes and hydrates your dogs coat, the natural dish soap provides the cleansing properties to the shampoo and the organic apple cider vinegar freshens your dogs scent while adding shine to their coat.
  • Apply natural, homemade dog shampoo to your dogs wet coat, lather and rinse with warm water.  Repeat if necessary.
Soothing Homemade Dog Shampoo
1/3 cup glycerin
1 cup lemon liquid joy
1 cup white vinegar
1 quart water
  • Pour ingredients into a liter size bottle (use funnel if needed) and shake to mix.
  • Use mixture at regular bath time or whenever your dog seems itchy or irritated.

No time to make your own?  Visit the Eco Grooming and Care section at and shop our extensive line of dog grooming products.  Everything from your basic shampoo to specialty shampoos for the pooch with special grooming needs.

So, the next time your pup is having a bad hair day, but a trip to the groomer is not their thing or not in the budget, no problem!  Just whip up some homemade dog shampoo and get Buddy and Belle smelling and looking good in no time!  After all, there's just nothing like snuggling up with your furry friends, especially when it does not require a nose pin!  Happy Grooming!


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Jet here. Mom loves Buddy Wash, makes us smell great. JJ gets lavender and I get green tea rosemary. Mom can't stop smelling our fur on Spa Day (search the term in my blog for details)... so they must be doing something right!

Thanks for your ideas...

HipGreenDogs said...

Thanks for the great comments and support all! We really appreciate it!!